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Gather Allies


1944 A group of American soldiers is guarding a fort in the mountains. Their job is to protect from enemies a priceless secret.
One night, however, they are caught by surprise and a tragedy happen. They are all shot dead except one, the officer in charge, who miraculously stays alive. His fate is sealed. The enemy comes into the barracks ready to fi nish the work of extermination, but something does not go exactly right: the invader is not from the same age, but of a future age.
The precious secret, guarded by the Americans in the for- tress, it reveals an important project – ever – for a new weapon of mass destruction, which is necessary in the future. Surprisingly, in 2157, the enemy turns out to be the “Church” with his army of followers ready to do anything to manage the entire planet under the false ideology of religion.

Project Details

Produzione: DGT Network
Anno di produzione: 2011

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Riccardo Leto

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